Helping New Converts

How can I help new converts strengthen their faith?

How can we keep our new converts active in and committed to the church?

Helping New Members to Become Strong
This paper suggests the helping strengthen new members is a critical part of a ward mission’s responsibility.  This shows that when we try to keep people close to the church through assignments made one at a time rarely works – rather, processes are required.  These processes need to be initiated weeks before baptism.  When you do this, baptism becomes a step in processes in which members do their roles as a matter of course.  This paper tells us not just what we need to do in order to keep new converts active, but how to do it.

Truly Converted Converts
This document builds upon “Seven Lessons on Sharing the Gospel,” including additional insights gleaned from more years of practice as a member missionary.

Leading a Great Ward Mission
The second section of this booklet provides a summary of the longer article above.

How can we bring less-active members back into full activity in the church? 

Everyday Missionaries
Chapters 2, 3, and 10 of this book address three important principles to follow as you work to bring less-active members back into the Church.  They include:

  •  Be sure to answer their questions, not your questions
  •  Ask for their help to do important work in the Church or in the lives of members of the Church
  • Understanding the processes by which revelation is given, and the processes by which Satan does his work