New Ward Mission Leaders

Here’s my advice. There is a lot of good material on this website. To keep you from being overwhelmed, start by studying these three pieces:

First, read “Leading a Great Ward Mission,” found on the tab with this name on the home page. In an hour you’ll get an overview of your calling. It gives you two homework assignments. Please, please do your homework. They will make a huge impact on how you succeed in your calling.

Next, watch or read The Mission of the Wilmington Ward, found on the home page tab named, “Building a Ward Mission Plan.” This plan will help you see where you want to go. I recommend the DVD version – a great piece done by members of the Queens NY Stake.

Third, read the book Everyday Missionaries — because you need to become a great member missionary. This book shows you how. You can get it from Deseret Book or Amazon, and it will take about four hours to read. If you can’t afford it, let us know and we will ship a copy to you. 

At the beginning of your service you won’t even know what questions to ask. The questions will emerge — and as they do so, we hope you will return often to   You can go deeper into the three areas above, or you can study other areas – such as how you can help your investigators resolutely progress towards baptism, or how to keep your new converts active in the church. 

I have served three times as ward mission leader. I give you my testimony that God wants you to succeed in this calling, and that He will bless you so that you can.