• How to Help our New Members Become Strong and Committed Latter-day Saints: Transitions are difficult personally and institutionally. We have a responsibility to navigate these difficulties and help our new members become strong. Prepared for the Hartford Connecticut, Boston Massachusetts, and Manchester New Hampshire Coordinating Councils.
  • Member Missionary Lessons: Help members learn to share the gospel through a three week series of lessons for Sunday School or other classes.
  • Possible Callings for New Members: What callings will best help new members stay strong in their new faith?
  • Sister Susan Fulcher Case Study: A true story of how missionaries and members can build love and trust.
  • The Mission of the Wilmington Ward (Case Study): This document was prepared by members of the Massachusetts Boston mission presidency to be used in training bishops, ward mission leaders and other ward council members how to become effective leaders of their ward members’ missionary efforts. It is a synthesis of the actual experiences of the leaders of three wards in Massachusetts. Outlines of the member missionary class lessons mentioned herein can be found on


  • How good is your ward mission plan? Use the criteria listed in the Word document and the Excel sheet to evaluate the following ward mission plans – and to evaluate your own!
  • “How To” Before “Will You” – Committing to Commitments: True stories and teaching ideas from the Massachusetts Boston Mission that will help members and missionaries know how to aid people in making and keeping commitments.
  • How To Help Our New Members Become Strong: Transitions are difficult, and helping new members is a critical part of a ward mission’s responsibility. This article includes principles and stories that can help leaders and members support and strengthen new members.
  • Leading Missionary Work in the Stake and Ward: This document, written primarily for bishops and stake presidents, is comprised of 3 three-page sections about leading missionary work. Because all must be exemplary leaders, the first summarizes how bishops and stake presidents can personally succeed in sharing the gospel. The second recounts the work of a stake president who trained the leaders of each ward in his stake to develop and use powerful ward mission plans. It describes how he inspired them to do what they were trained to do, and then followed through with them to be sure they succeeded. Baptisms in his stake doubled – and many of those who were baptized came from member referrals. The third section describes a bishop who decided to make missionary work the primary focus in his ward. It shows how he made the “leap of faith” that this focus would bring such spiritual blessings into the hearts and homes of the members of his ward that the other dimensions of the work of the ward would prosper as well. It describes how he led the missionary effort, and inspired members of his ward council to follow his lead. They achieved their goal of baptizing at least one new member every month. Each of the accounts in this document is factual.
  • Praying With Your Feet: A wonderful talk given by President Russell Hancock of the Menlo Park CA stake that describes different ways in which we can develop testimonies. It is great for investigators, missionaries and members.
  • My Ways Are Not Your Ways: An Ensign article that examines the counterintuitive ways in which Jesus instructs us to be (for example, “love your enemies”), and how those can be used to help individuals help the Church and its Saints to grow stronger.
  • Truly Converted Converts: This document builds upon “Seven Lessons on Sharing the Gospel,” including additional insights gleaned from more years of practice as a member missionary.
  • How To Create an Effective Ward Mission Plan: A template with guidelines about how to set goals, plan initiatives, and engage ward leaders in the Ward Mission efforts.
  • How To Keep New Members Strong: This PowerPoint authored by President Dan Packard, President of the Massachusetts Boston Mission, gives numerous examples of ways full-time missionaries can be meaningfully used in the work of the wards and branches in which they serve.
  • Member Missionary Course (English)
  • Member Missionary Course (Spanish)
  • Member Missionary Principles Table
  • Member Missionary Principles Table (Portuguese)
  • Member Missionary Principles Printable Cards (Portuguese)