Leading a Great Ward Mission

How can I become a great ward mission leader?

Leading a Great Ward Mission (Click the green title for the ENGLISH PDF)
This is a
booklet that will take about
an hour to study. You’ll see that you have three duties:

  1. Lead the
    members of your ward in becoming enthusiastic, committed member missionaries
  2. Strengthen the new converts in your ward
  3. Support
    the missionaries serving in your ward

f you would like printed copies for
yourself and others in your ward or stake, please request them through the “CONTACT” tab above. Please note that we mail them out about once a month.

How to Lead the Member Missionary Work in the Stake and Ward
This essay, which was written primarily for bishops and stake presidents, is
comprised of three sections about leading missionary work. Because all must be
exemplary leaders, the first section summarizes how bishops and stake
presidents can personally succeed in sharing the gospel. The second recounts
the work of a stake president who trained the leaders of each ward in his stake
to develop and use powerful ward mission plans. It describes how he trained, inspired
and followed up with them to insure success. Baptisms in his stake doubled –
and many of those who were baptized came from member referrals. The third
section describes a bishop who decided to make missionary work the primary
focus in his ward, believing that this focus
would bring such spiritual blessings into the hearts and homes of the members
of his ward that the other dimensions of the work of the ward would prosper as
well. They achieved their goal of baptizing at
least one new member every month.  

How can I organize a digital mission to share the gospel online?

The Power of Everyday Missionaries is a book about how members can be more effective missionaries which is available through Deseret Book and other retail suppliers.  Chapter 7 summarizes how the Cambridge MA Stake and the Boston MA Mission have organized and built a digital mission.

How can I make my administrative meetings more productive?

Making Time by Using It Well
This piece describes how two missionaries caused their ward council meetings to spend more and more time on missionary work, because the time spent was so productive.