Building a Ward Mission Plan

How can we develop and implement a powerful ward mission plan?

The Mission of the Wilmington Ward 
This is a case study about a man who was afraid of missionary work at the time he was called as ward mission leader.  It recounts how he learned to share the gospel, and was able to inspire his ward members to enthusiastically share the gospel.  A key to this was his development of a ward mission plan.  This was written for teaching purposes and members of the Queens NY Stake created a movie of this story.  Click here to watch the movie or request a DVD of it through the “CONTACT” tab above.

Sample Ward Mission Plans
If you want to compare your mission plan with other types of plans, click on the names of these ward plans.  The comparison will help you to realize that an “anything goes” approach is neither true nor effective.  Each has strengths and weaknesses, however the Waltham Ward plan is a good standard for a ward mission plan.

  1. Adrian Ward Mission Plan
  2. Hill Street Ward Mission Plan
  3. Rose Hill Ward Mission Plan
  4. Waltham Ward Mission Plan

How to Create an Effective Ward Mission Plan
A template with guidelines about how to set goals, plan initiatives, and engage ward leaders in the Ward Mission efforts.

Why is missionary success so hard to sustain?
This Massachusetts Boston Mission case study describes a ward mission leader who had tried year after year to inspire his ward members to find more people for the missionaries to teach — but with little success. This story shows how the ward leaders defined five principles that year after year would give vision for missionary work in the ward.. These provided guidance that the ward council needed to develop and implement a a very successful plan.