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How can I lead in missionary work?

How do I create a ward mission plan, lead a great ward mission, or work together with missionaries? The resources on this website will help you magnify your calling as a ward mission leader, ward missionary, mission president, missionary, or member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Please pardon this website's simplicity as we build out a new design.

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Leading a Great Ward Mission

What should I do as ward mission leader?

Leading a Great Ward Mission is a free guidebook discussing the duties of ward mission leaders. It covers topics such as leading members, strengthening new converts, supporting the missionaries, and organizing effective, inspiring baptismal services.

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Sister Susan Fulcher

How can members and missionaries work together effectively?

The Sister Susan Fulcher case study is a true story of how one particularly effective sister missionary worked with members to build love and trust with them so that they would confidently find people for her to teach. Principles discussed include the importance of genuine love and sincere service, the importance of knowing the members, and how to communicate success throughout the ward.

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How can I share the gospel?

Everyday Missionaries